Kid’s Online Activities

The fastest and simplest way to reveal real kid’s online activities

Efficient and Stealthy Tool to Monitor Your Kid’s Online Life

Keylogger is a simple and practical tool that gathers all possible information connected with writing that is performed on a computer that kid owns. The only thing that this tool requires is a connection between a screen, a keyboard and a computer. One of the greatest advantages of such kind of software is that it is compatible with any system, and its small size helps to distract attention from its work so the user of the computer will have no clue about him being watched. Such tool is perfect for monitoring kid’s or employees’ devices s it is undetectable by antivirus apps and provides the full picture of texting performed on a computer.

There is no need to master complicated technologies, programming languages or get through long tiered installation process: it literally takes minutes to install the tool and the setup process is so simple that anyone can handle it.

For caring parents a keystroke recorder is a must, as it is essential to monitor what happens on the child’s computer. Usually parents give this device to children in order to simplify their educational process and take an advantage of the Internet with its helpful resources. However, a good rule of a thumb is that kids (teens especially) start to use a computer in a way that parents do not want them really soon: they create fake accounts on the social media, share inappropriate photos, visit websites with adult content, play online games for hours, socialize with strangers and become involved in sexting or cyberbullying.

It is essential to know the real picture of your kid’s online life and the keylogger tool can help you with that.

What can this tool do?

  1. Track every action taken on the computer

Broadly speaking, it can log everything that is going on: what apps are used, how long are they used, what changes are made to the computer settings, what passwords are entered to the log ins and so on.

  1. Check emails

Keylogger software is able to get access to the sent and delivered emails in the Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail etc. and you may look through them as screenshots or text versions.

  1. Supervise IM chats

It is possible to look through the text conversations in Skype, Viber, AOL Instant Messenger, web forums, chat rooms. Bring into notice that the tool saves only text, not voice conversations.

  1. Take screenshots

You will receive a screenshot of every webpage used during the Internet browsing, every message received or a program run.

  1. Send reports

Once the computer with installed tool on is connected to the Internet, it will send saved log files by email to the user. These emails are encrypted so no one except you will see them.

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