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Online Safety

Best software to ensure online safety of your children

online safety

Protection against hostile environment Online environment poses a real threat to children nowadays. It is possible to meet anyone online so parent should limit Internet access or monitor closely children’s activity. Today we all have unlimited access to the Internet and there are a lot of software that allows anyone hacking our devices and stealing …

Kid’s Online Activities

The fastest and simplest way to reveal real kid’s online activities

Efficient and Stealthy Tool to Monitor Your Kid’s Online Life Keylogger is a simple and practical tool that gathers all possible information connected with writing that is performed on a computer that kid owns. The only thing that this tool requires is a connection between a screen, a keyboard and a computer. One of the …

Parental Controls

Perform parental controls with help of the efficient keylogger

Take an Advantage of Fully Featured Keylogger Software! Parents often aren’t onto the fact that their children lead a double online life. Time and again kids younger than 13 years old create Facebook and Instagram accounts, teens communicate with strangers in chat rooms and add strangers to their social media. Many teens also pretend to …

Easy-to-Use Keylogger

Easy-to-use keylogger for caring parents

Easy-to-use keylogger

The Best Easy-to-Use Keylogger There is A computer owned by a kid can say a lot about its’ owner, you just need to know where and how to get the information you need. Parents are concerned about the activities of their kids online for a reason: there are so many different dangers on the Internet …

Keylogger Software

Efficient software for keystroke recordings

Keylogger Software

Impactful Keylogger Software that Reveals Everything! There is a thought that often comes to minds of thoughtful parents and employers: how to check the activities of kids or staff without interrupting their performance on the computer? For the most part it is impossible to say what these guys are doing on their computers unless you …