Easy-to-Use Keylogger

Easy-to-use keylogger for caring parents

Easy-to-use keylogger

The Best Easy-to-Use Keylogger There is

A computer owned by a kid can say a lot about its’ owner, you just need to know where and how to get the information you need. Parents are concerned about the activities of their kids online for a reason: there are so many different dangers on the Internet that can cause troubles in the real world that it is their responsibility to make sure that kids are totally protected. However, children, especially teens with their rebellious behavior, don’t help parents at all, on the contrary, they hide all pieces of evidence of their inappropriate searches on the Internet, messages, emails or chats so parents have no idea what is going on in the online lives of their children. Keystroke recorder is a great option to have a keen sense on the pulse of current kid’s activities on the web without being caught and blamed of spying.

What are the main features of this kind of software?

  • Keeps track of all activities on the Internet and a computer
  • It runs in the stealth mode on the background and cannot be detected by an antivirus program
  • All information is gathered and sent to the Control Panel of the program where parent can look it through
  • Even if revealed, the program will still gather information as it is protected by a password only a person who have installed it knows

Keylogger is a fully-fledged program that offers wide range of services and it helps parents to get a clue what apps and programs does their kid use, what websites visits and what changes makes to the computer. One of the most important things about it is that it tracks information in the online regime so you can look the logs through after your absence.

Many parents prefer to monitor activities of their children using the stealth mode of the software. However, if you want to build a trust-based relationship with your children is to explain them what are you going to do with help of the keylogger software and why. The main reason for using this parental control tool is not spying, it is protection. No parent wants to find out that his kid has become a victim of cyberbullies but doesn’t tell about it because of fear of overreacting or absence of reaction from the parents’ side. However, pallid statistics states that almost all victims of cyberbullying do not tell about it to their parents so the only way to find out the truth is to check the content of received and sent messages. Keylogger does this work brilliantly, ensuring the Internet security of children.

With help of this software you can also:

  1. Check the web browsing history
  2. Make screenshots in certain amount of time
  3. Save all keystrokes made in any application
  4. Save copied and pasted information
  5. Keep track of all app activities
  6. Check all profiles created on the computer

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