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Urban Search & Rescue Standard open for additional Public Comment period

The Urban Search & Rescue Standard by EMAP has been developed through a series of working group meetings with stakeholders from government, business and other sectors.  Scalable yet rigorous, the Urban Search & Rescue Standard establishes criteria for the administration, operational, and logistical readiness of Urban Search and Rescue Teams (US&R) in support of the National Urban Search and Rescue Response.

The EMAP Technical Committee releases the revised draft Standard for public comment.  The standard was revised based on the adjudication of all public comments received in March and April. Because of the substantial changes made to the Standard, the document along with the corresponding Annex and Appendix materials are open once again for the public to provide comments.  All public comments will be adjudicated by the EMAP US&R Standards Workgroup in October and formally voted on by the EMAP consensus body, Technical Committee.


Motivation, Benefits, and Guidance Builds a 77% Increase in Accredited Programs

Over the past three years, EMAP has acquired a 77% increase in accredited programs, thus providing key outcomes in the comparison of the 2015 Accredited Program Survey (with a 53% response) to the 2012 Accredited Program Survey (with a 56% response). The purpose of the survey is to gather information that may assist in improving the accreditation process; provide marketing analysis to assist in initiatives, presentations, and materials; and to provide data on overall improvements to Programs and the true benefits of those representatives being leaders in the field of emergency management through accreditation.

In 2012, EMAP provided an introductory survey for accredited programs that gathered data for motivating factors, benefits and program individual results that stemmed from the accreditation process. Recommendations that came from that survey provided EMAP the opportunity to strengthen services such as the development of a payment planning method structured so that varying sized jurisdictions can fund their accreditation effort with more ease. Test services such as incorporating a remote portion to the assessment phases to ease on costs of the on-site assessment. The survey brought out ideas to improve the training course and create guidance with tools for better understanding of the intent of the standards. EMAP also took the opportunity to revise the website to a friendly platform with high quality resources available to all Programs committed to the accreditation process.


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